Final Fantasy XVI will stay exclusive to PS5 for a while

Final Fantasy XVI will stay exclusive to PS5 for a while

Final Fantasy XVI will bring back the iconic RPG franchise from Square Enix in a new installment. Like its predecessors, the game will begin its journey as an exclusive to PlayStation consoles, but there is a huge community of fans that would love to play the game on PC. When the game was announced, it was revealed that it will have a six-month exclusivity window on PlayStation 5, which has led the fans to confusion. Everybody has assumed that Final Fantasy XVI would launch on PC as soon as that period ends and that doesn't seem to be the case. 

In a recent interview with GameInformer, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that there will be a PC version of Final Fantasy XVI, but the fans will have to wait much longer than six months to see it released. Also, you can forget about any DLCs that will expand the game anytime soon. The developers want to see if the new protagonist, Clive, and the world of Valisthea are a success among the fans of the long-lived series before they start working on additional content.

The last Final Fantasy #?

Final Fantasy is so huge that Square Enix is a bit concerned about the names of its games. Rumor has it that it's planning to drop the numbers in its titles because they make players feel like they have to play all the games in order to understand the story. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Even though the series features characters and places that have become iconic throughout several titles, every title is an independent story that can be enjoyed completely without any prior knowledge.



Final Fantasy XVI will follow that pattern and it will offer players a brand new land to explore, full of new monsters, colorful characters, and stories to discover. If you don't want to miss it, keep an eye on the best deals on Final Fantasy XVI PS5 keys and get ready for the release next June.